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St Ives North Public School

Christine Taylor, Principal – St. Ives North Public School

“We all know coding is a vital tool for the future. We as a school know that digital fluencies and coding are important skills. Using ScopeIT also enabled our teachers to experience hands-on professional development in coding as the children were engaging in the learning.


The children absolutely love the coding classes. An offshoot has been the idea of working through road blocks or solving problems; this helps build resilience and student efficacy. Learning can be hard work but we need to persevere. The children are understanding this more since beginning coding. The mathematical understanding and language that has developed through coding is also impressive.


The students at St Ives North absolutely love their ScopeIT classes and want more!

Class teachers have learnt so much through the coding classes as they have been involved with the students on the learning journey.

All of the Scope trainers have been excellent. I highly recommend them.


Meeting Andrew was a key factor in why we went with ScopeIT. He also showed examples of students working at coding and we all know coding is a vital tool for the future.


Our school has developed a K - 6 Scope and Sequence for Digital Fluencies which includes our coding lessons.


Parents have really been supportive of the lessons as the children come home so excited about their learning. Parents have asked for more coding lessons as they see the value and they know their children love it.”

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ScopeIT Education Teaching Kids to Code
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