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Roseville Public School

Sean Moran JP, Principal - Roseville Public School

What are the reasons that led you to engage ScopeIT at your school? What are the drivers for you to invest in a digital technology solution?

Throughout the last couple of years, we’ve focussed upon improving our STEM and GATE programs. We have embedded a range of new programs and initiatives, one of which has been the ScopeIT Coding program as it addresses both of these focusses.


What outcomes have you seen for your ScopeIT class participants? What increases do you find in their knowledge, skills, behaviours or attitudes to technology?

Teachers have reported that students have become increasingly more engaged in all aspects of technology. Enjoyment levels are very high and as the program has progressed students have become far more confident in attempting to extend their own skills and to work independently.


What do your students think of their ScopeIT classes?

Our students really enjoy the classes, from Kindergarten to Year 6. They feel that Andrew and his wider team are great fun and that the concepts that they learn and are exposed to are exciting. They love it!


What feedback have you had from class teachers on the ScopeIT classes?

Our teachers have found the program to be worthwhile and very well organised. No time is wasted and learning progression is well explained and clearly evident. Our teachers are also appreciative of the assessment results that are provided at the completion of each unit.

What is your impression of the ScopeIT Education trainers (Scopers). 

Andrew and his team understand the demands of working in a busy school. They strive to ensure that they do not place any burden on the running of the school. They are well skilled in behaviour management and are very helpful in developing our teachers' skills as well.


How important is digital technologies training for your school strategy?

We feel that it is extremely important for both students and staff. One of the reasons we were so keen on the program was because of how it related to much of the current research that is being forwarded in the education sector. There seems very little doubt that many future employment options will require people to have a detailed knowledge of the use of and the workings of technology as well as possessing high levels of creativity. ScopeIT Coding classes address both of these aspects.

Have you had any feedback from parents on the ScopeIT classes?

The parents I’ve spoken with are very enthusiastic and complimentary. They can certainly see the long term value as well as how engaged the kids are at present.

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ScopeIT Education Teaching Kids to Code
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