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Pretty Beach Public School

Kate Keyes, Assistant Principal - Pretty Beach Public School

“Staff, parents and student interest were the key factors in implementing ScopeIT in our school. It was also about upskilling staff with professional learning on new technology topics.

I think the classes are interactive, interesting and tailored to the varying needs within the class. Lessons aren’t too long for the younger students’ as staff are frequently scaffolding the lesson into short sequential steps. There is always a great mix of activities to keep students interested and engaged for the duration of the lesson.


Teachers love to sit down and participate in lessons. It has been the key factor in upskilling them on new programs.


The assessment component has been well received by teachers. It helps us so much with our reporting at the end of term.

At Pretty Beach PS we have been focusing on Critical and Creative Thinking Skills. The ScopeIT course material is a practical method in engaging students in real world and digital technology which supports open-ended learning.

The best thing for us is that some of the subject material crosses over with other KLA subjects. For example, we can tick off some of the mathematics learning outcomes based on what we covered in the ScopeIT class.


ScopeIT’s classes were discussed at the P&C meeting and the P&C are thrilled that we have booked lessons for the entire year.


Technology is popular topic at the moment and we feel we are supporting students in becoming tech savvy, divergent learners.”

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ScopeIT Education Teaching Kids to Code
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