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Point Clare Public School

Alanna Nicholson, Teacher - Point Clare Public School

"We approached ScopeIT Education knowing that it was vital that we include digital technologies in our curriculum. Our students need to be trained for jobs that don't even exist yet and we recognise that they have essential skills to learn for these future technology jobs.


ScopeIT offers such a comprehensive program, it's got such engaging content and it really meets the technology education needs in our school strategy.


These courses allow our students to develop high-order thinking skills and problem solving. The ScopeIT program extends beyond technology, by training children in skills that transfer across all of their STEM subjects. I work with my students using their new step-by-step skills of coding and de-coding in their learning of other classroom subjects.

After a ScopeIT lesson, my class is motivated and enthusiastic, they come out with a deeper knowledge of how concepts fit together.


Parents of my students love to hear how this learning is impacting all of their subject areas. Parents really appreciate that we are getting their kids prepared for careers that don't yet exist.


Students are able to work at their own ability level and their own pace in a ScopeIT class. They have the tools they need to individually succeed and it's so good that they are creating, not just blankly sitting in front of a computer screen."

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ScopeIT Education Teaching Kids to Code
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