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Nuwarra Public School

Reg Corney, Principal - Nuwarra Public School

"In our ScopeIT lesson last week, the focus was on mathematical operators where students are asked to make their own calculators (quite a difficult lesson). 

ScopeIT are usually happy if students are able to complete the addition and subtraction symbols. If they achieve multiplication and divide, that’s fantastic. 

In this particular session, a student named Izzy was partnered with James. They not only completed the four operation symbols mentioned above but also greater than, less than, equal to and square root. Both teachers were amazed! To top it off the whole class did a great job, with the majority of students completing the first 4 tasks. 

At the end of the lesson, Anthony the ScopeIT teacher praised the class by saying that he was so happy with their efforts. Anthony stated “Now that ScopeIT is coordinating lessons in countries all over the world, I am declaring this class the greatest in the world!” 

The students were ecstatic! Anthony then declared Izzy and James world champions. 

When the class were lining up, he noticed Izzy was crying tears of joy. While she wiped the tears from her eyes a few class mates were patting her on the back. A minute after they left, James returned to the room and Anthony realised that James had left the room at the time of the lesson wrap up. Anthony told him how great he and Izzy were and shortly after Izzy came up to him saying “James, we are world champions!” They both started fist pumping and congratulating each other. 

We have been using ScopeIT for 4 years now and I can not recommend them enough. These are the stories you don’t hear about. The moments that touch everyone’s hearts. Well done Izzy and James but also well done ScopeIT. You are truly amazing!"

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