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Mt Kuring-gai Public School

Glen O’Neill, Principal - Mt Kuring-gai Public School

"As the Principal of a K-6 school, I knew it was inevitable that we would be implementing a solution to cover the Digital Curriculum in the near future. I highly recommend ScopeIT Education as a provider capable of delivering a comprehensive program to meet these needs. The benefits are not just about the children engaging in technology in a meaningful way but in the new skills the children are learning that transfers across all STEM subjects. We are also receiving terrific feedback from parents on the program; the students don’t stop talking about their Scope class when they get home and that pleases mums and dads enormously!"

What skills and experiences have your students gained from ScopeIT Education courses?

The ScopeIT program, with their lesson plans and courses that build on each other have been critical in developing our students skills in how technology can be used as a tool rather than a device to consume. The collaboration between students has been exciting to watch, problem solving techniques and the wonder of seeing technology in a new way are all skills and experiences that have been invaluable to our students. As the teachers see the program week on week, they see how the topics learned enhance classroom learning across other KLA’s. The program aligns with curriculum outcomes which allows us to tick those boxes as well.

How do you think ScopeIT Education is changing how young people learn about technology?

I have watched our students realise the potential with technology. As we move toward more advanced courses, I see the students engage in a more meaningful way. It has changed the way we use technology in our school as the students learn that using iPads and computers is not just to look up something on the internet or to view a textbook but rather that they are more powerful tools than they ever realised. Their respect for technology as a tool of creation is just one of the elements they have gained from this program. Our students will leave out school with not only enhanced STEM skills but a new understanding on how technology can truly be used to enhance the world around them. Not all students will continue to develop and create with technology and for those who don’t, they at least understand how technology works, they understand how to solve problems using technology and their STEM skills are stronger for experiencing technology in this way. 

Why would you recommend ScopeIT Education to other schools? 

I have a strong ICT background myself but no time, the lack of some resources and to some extent my ability to design a program that is as comprehensive as the ScopeIT program. The benefits across the STEM subjects is very much enhanced and very quickly observed in our students. I also love that the students are incorporating design elements into their learning, the benefits are far reaching!


What sort of feedback have you received from parents about the program?

Our enrolments have increased across our school over the last year since we have introduced the ScopeIT program. The students are talking to their parents about the program, showing them what they have learned and this enthusiasm is being shared with other parents. We have extended the program out to include our Kindergarten students now as the benefits are felt across all Stages in our school. With the support of ScopeIT we included technology awards in our end of year assembly last year and were pleased to be able to reward our students who demonstrated real aptitude in this subject by participating in the ScopeIT yearly awards and competitions.

Have your teachers benefited from the ScopeIT program? 

With our classroom teachers participating in the classes with their students and their ability to use the same resources to continue their own learning, the teachers are getting as much out of the program as the students. The knowledge gained across our entire school in such a short amount of time has been amazing! Many of them incorporate the ICT skills gained in many of their other subjects and lessons.

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ScopeIT Education Teaching Kids to Code
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