About ScopeIT Education

ScopeIT Education is Australia's leading digital technologies educator

We are an Australian owned and operated network, servicing primary schools and high schools with the delivery of digital technologies programs.

​Our goal is to equip the upcoming generation with skills to turn their imaginations into technological reality, enhancing not only their educational outcomes but also their future employment prospects.


ScopeIT Education’s detailed lesson plans come with outcomes in specific Key Learning Areas (KLAs) to ensure that your students not only receive efficient delivery of lessons, but have deep integration with other subjects including mathematics, science and creative arts and design.

The entire digital technologies solution

ScopeIT Education is your all inclusive, in-school setup.

We provide:

  • MacBook Air laptops

  • Internet Connection 

  • Cutting-edge Software

  • Structured Lesson Plans 

  • Trained Instructors.

Educators can expect a fun, interactive and educational experience that will equip students with digital technologies skills and knowledge for their future.

Digital technologies made easy

With an increasing demand from schools to find solutions to incorporate digital technologies lessons in their classrooms, ScopeIT Education aims to support educators so that every student can gain access to the skills and knowledge they will need for their future careers. 

With the amount of time our children spend on digital devices, ScopeIT Education plays an important role in building the future of the tech industry by giving children the tools to develop and create technology, and not just consume it. 

In addition to our Primary In-school Lessons and High School Incursions, we also offer:


3D Printing




Digital Safety

Touch Typing


We have a range of ways for you to implement digital technologies learning in your school
Get in touch today to find out how we can help you build your school’s digital technologies education strategy.
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